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LEADER: Frank Bakker

GRADE: Hard, significant off track walking and climbing. Please contact club and leader well prior if you wish to go on this walk, and we can help you with your preparation.

DISTANCE:  approx. 10km per day

RISKS: Hot or cold weather, exposed and remote locations, poor phone coverage, (increasing if large group), off track walking above the tree line. 

GEAR: With packs loaded for up to 4 Days food. Carry Full wet weather gear, cooking equipment, food sleeping gear and tents – we cannot depend on huts condition or capacity.

DATE: 10 – 13 April 2020

COST: Cost will be Car transport pooling only. Each Vehicle will need NP entry fee or annual pass. No cost for food as it is all Self catering.


Day 1

Plan is to head up from Guthega power Station, to Schlinks Pass, possibly via Dissapointment Spur aqueduct track if crossing Munyang R is feasible. (note that the bridge has been removed). Otherwise up the road. Near Schlinks Pass or Valentines Hut we will look for suitable camp for first night. So first day is on fire trails all day.

Day 2

Then we get more adventurous – heading to Mawsons Hut, probably for lunch  and then on to Tin Hut. This will be all off track. Navigation and walking on button grass plains will be our biggest challenge today. Expect wet feet.

Day 3

From Tin Hut we will head for Mt Gungarten and the Kerries, over Gungarten Pass and down to Shclinks Pass. This is the more exposed section so will be tough if the weather breaks. Then onto fire trail to Whites River Hut before turning to southern aqueduct trail and stopping for the night at Horse Camp Hut. 

Day 4

Last day is an easy walk along the aqueduct trail to meet access road near top of Guthega PS pipelines. And down the road back to the cars. 


For further details and to book on the walk contact the Geehi Bushwalking club prior to 1 April 2020.
RSVP to geehiclub@hotmail.com