Club Lake Walk

Even though this is a medium walk it can be completed by anyone with a reasonable fitness. Our Journey will start from Charlottes Pass down to the Snowy river. From the Snowy River we will follow the Main Range track to Blue Lake turn off, a distance of 4 Kilometres


Murrumbidgee Gorge Walk

  We plan to start from a point 32 kilometres north of Cooma on the Jones Plain Road, 2 km south of the Alum Creek crossing. Walking up a gentle rise in open country then a steep decent into the Murrumbidgee River gorge, we arrive at the beautiful unspoilt river


Mount Tantangara Walk

Description              Following a car trip from Cooma, we plan to start from a point adjacent to Sawyers Hut. Walking will start from the horse camp along a fire trail. Then we will walk up hill to the north-west through some light bush, and then onto more open country on the


Burrungubugge River Aqueduct

Investigate the site of the old Burrungubuggee Hut, Snowy Adit reclamation site and Burrungubugge River Aqueduct  - led by Peter Davis This easy day walk visits a fascinating but little known piece of the early Snowy Scheme infrastructure. The Burrungubuggee River Aqueduct was constructed some 52 years ago. It is


Murrumbidgee River Gorge

The weekend walk exploring Blue Water Holes area, that was to be led by Geoff Stokes, is now changed. The plan now is to trek to Murrumbidgee River gorge near the Binjura Nature Reserve on 24th March. Leader will be Peter Davis.   Walk will be all off track through