Burrungubugge River Walk

Burrungubugge River Walk

Burrungubugge River Walk report – Peter H Davis, Leader

 The Geehi Bushwalking Club’s April 22nd 2018 walk was to the remote Burrungubugge area east of the Jugungal Wilderness.

 After leaving Cooma at 8.15am, 15 intrepid walkers drove to the abandoned Island Bend township site and on to the remote SMA Burrungubugge aqueduct area. We picked up two more at Jindabyne to make the biggest group, 17, that the club has seen for some time.  A short shower freshened the bush as we set off for and 8km round trip hike up an overgrown track. One car load of hikers drove to the Park’s locked gate some 1.5kms approx. up from the concrete bridge. From the locked gate the group walked through colourful gums that had escaped the 2003 fires until we reached an old wooden bridge, crossing this to the northern bank where we had morning tea. From this point we headed upstream through slow going on tussocky and boggy ground for some 400m until we discovered the old road about 80m north of and parallel to the river. On our return trip we discovered that the disused and largely overgrown vehicle track started only some 50m north of the wooden bridge – we’ll know for next time…


We startled a brumby (without seeing it) which had made a pad along our path on the old vehicle track easing the way considerably. Lunch was at the ruins of two huts, Constances and Burrungubugge, on a beautiful grassy flat on the north side of the Burrungubugge River. We had planned to go to the tunnel adit, spoil heap and Burrungubugge aqueduct but time was against this as we returned to the cars at the concrete bridge after 4pm. The group had a quick look at the disused SMA airstrip and the abandoned township before heading back to Jindabyne for a coffee, thanks David and Karen.


A great day out with a top bunch of walkers.