Murrumbidgee Old Mill Walk – Saturday 26 September 2020

Murrumbidgee Old Mill Walk – Saturday 26 September 2020

On Saturday 26th September 2020, a large group of Geehi Club members took part in a walk to explore the Old Mill on the Murrumbidgee River.

The walk was rescheduled from earlier in the year because of inclement weather and, although the weather on Saturday September 26 was fine and sunny, the walk started in an ice cold wind which fortunately dropped later in the day.   After a briefing by the Walk Leader (out of the wind in the shelter of the Golf Club building), we drove to the start of the walk at the locked gate on Old Mill Road.

The Walk Leader took us through the bush to Snake Creek, which we followed, initially rock hopping and climbing up and over boulders, until we reached the grassy banks of Snake Creek and some easier walking to the junction with the Murrumbidgee River.  On the way, we spied the remnants of stone walls hiding in the bush.

We had our morning tea, including billy tea provided by the Leader, at the Old Mill site while listening to the history of the Old Mill and surrounding area from a local Geehi member who remembered this area from his boyhood.   Some further history on the area was read to the group while we contemplated what it would have looked like with the buildings that were there at the time.

After morning tea, we followed an old stone wall road up and over to the other side of the river bend where another Geehi member explained how the water was taken from this area via a pipe to drive the Mill.   Again, it was up the old stone wall road to a ridge for lunch and a gorgeous view of the Murrumbidgee River.   During the walk, ringbarking of trees was pointed out, as well as some evidence of previous Aboriginal occupation.

Then it was back to the cars along the fire trail.

An excellent walk in beautiful scenery and so close to Cooma.


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