Namadgi Mountain Bike Ride

Namadgi Mountain Bike Ride

Namadgi Mountain Bike Ride – 15 October 2017

Brayshaw’s Hut – Boboyan Homestead – Lone Pine Homestead Ruins

Our day started with an exhilarating ride from Brayshaw’s Hut to the locked gate on the Old Boboyan Road – a drop of approximately 100 metres.

We then followed Old Boboyan Road under the watchful gaze of kangaroos, and the warning screeches of two plovers to stay away from their nest.  The fire trail follows the Naas Creek past the Boboyan Homestead ruins, and then onto Luton’s crutching shed where we stopped for morning tea and views of Sentry Box.

Morning Tea over, we returned to the main track and headed south along the Grassy Creek Fire Trail, which follows Sheep Station Creek through open country and a gentle climb to Lone Pine Homestead ruins.

From the Lone Pine Homestead ruins the track becomes steeper, requiring us to walk while pushing our bikes, till we reached the high point of 1275 m.  From this high point, the track passes through undulating country to Grassy Creek and the NSW/ACT border with views to Scabby Range, and the next high point of the day (1325m), where we had lunch.

Our next destination was Westerman’s Hut about 6 kilometres away and an elevation drop of approximately 100 metres.  The track follows the contours with some level sections, some short uphill sections and exciting downhill sections that made the climb up worth it.

It did not take us to long to reach Westerman’s Hut and afternoon tea under a big tree.

From Westerman’s Hut it is 2 kilometres to Brayshaw’s Hut via the Settlers Track.

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