2019 November Lodge Stay and walk weekend

2019 November Lodge Stay and walk weekend

“There’S no Walk like a Snow Walk”

On the weekend of 9 – 10 November the Geehi Walking Club and friends had a stay at Smiggins Holes and did some adventure walking. On the Friday afternoon when everyone was arriving we were greeted with cold, windy weather and new snow, with a total of over 10cm falling by Saturday morning.

So we adjusted our schedule and did two shorter walks. On the Saturday morning 12 of us explored the Perisher Valley Road and Blue Calf access track. On our return those of us except a few willing volunteers who drive the cars, did the extra walk back to Smiggins via the over ridge route. This included some younger and “young at heart” members who descended the top ski run on improvised plastic bag toboggans. The weather then closed in again so we enjoyed our return to the warm, dry lodge for lunch and a leisurely afternoon.

Perisher Valley Road


A taste of Winter in November.

This saved our energies for the feature of the weekend which was the feast to behold. With a great variety of contributions and preparation by the catering corps we had a meal to remember.

Next morning the forecast was easing so we 13 brave souls ventured out into the cold again. This time we forged out from Charlottes Pass to attack the mighty Mt Stillwell. This was more off track there were more snow drifts to deal with but our excellent climbing guide kicked the steps and showed us the way. This trip had the feel of a mini expedition with the mist and significant snow drifts to cross.

There were some rumblings from the regular ski tourers among us that they should have brought our skis! Nevertheless in just over an hour we managed to reach the summit and what should greet us draped over the trig structure but an old pair of skis complete with bindings.

Mount Stillwell here we come!

After a short break in the shelter below the summit, the return trip was done in high spirits, and we reconvened in the lodge for another gourmet lunch.

Well done to all for making this another highly enjoyable weekend. We may not have achieved our original plans but we made up for it with some very good alternative walks (and feasts) in great company.