Brogo Dam Canoeing 2 March 2019

Brogo Dam Canoeing 2 March 2019

11 Geehi members travelled to Brogo Dam on 2 March 2019 for a day’s canoeing on the Dam.

11 Geehi members travelled to Brogo Dam on 2 March 2019 for a day’s canoeing on the Dam.   9 members hired canoes from Dave at Brogo Wilderness Canoes, and 2 members paddled in their own kayaks.   It was a gorgeous day – blue sky and full sun so a little bit hot, but unfortunately with wind gusts which made it hard work right from the start.   With Dave’s instructions and maps, the party paddled out around 10.30am, perfecting their paddling technique on the way!  Hugging the shoreline, we travelled to Nelson’s Flat for a morning tea break on the grassy picnic area.

Morning Tea at Nelsons Flat

Once back in the canoes, we paddled up the small gorge on Nelson’s Creek.

Coming and going!

After that it was hard going across the Dam paddling against a gusty headwind to get to the Brogo River Gorge.   Once into the Brogo River Gorge we enjoyed the serenity and birdlife as we paddled up as far as we could go.   The leading canoe manned by Jen, Patricia and Nicole found a good lunch spot with shade and a deep swimming hole so we stopped there as Kathy and Dave, who had paddled a bit further, said that it was getting shallow and there was no shade.   Some of us had a refreshing swim there while we were stopped for lunch.

Lunch in the Gorge

The return down the Gorge and across the Dam was still hard going as the wind had picked up and there were some stiff gusts at times.   Dave from Brogo Wilderness Canoes was out in his motorboat checking that we were all okay and asking if we wanted a tow because of the windy weather.   We were all back at the boat ramp by 3pm after a great day.

Thanks to all participants for a great day out on Brogo Dam!

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