Club Lake Walk 9 Feb 2019

Club Lake Walk 9 Feb 2019

Due to bad weather, Trip Leader John Hutton and 4 Geehi members walked to the headwaters of the Snowy River instead of Club Lake.

Even though the weather forecast for the mountains was for a maximum of 11c and possible strong winds, 5 Geehi’s headed for the mountains. As we climbed from the Monaro to Charlotte Pass the outside car thermometer started its descent from 18c to a chilly 10c and it was evident that the possibility of strong winds was going to be a reality. 

We arrived at Charlotte Pass to strong wind and low cloud so on went the winter woolies as we headed from the car to the track head, passing another group heading back to their cars abandoning their walk to Mt Stillwell. 

From the track head we could see that Club Lake and Carruthers Peak were shrouded in cloud and the water in the Snowy River looked like we would definitely get wet feet as we crossed.

To confirm our observations we headed up the boardwalk to Mount Guthrie lookout.   And yes, Club Lake and Carruthers Peak were definitely covered in cloud and it looked like we would definitely get wet feet crossing the Snowy River. As no one relished the prospect of cold wet feet, walking head on into a strong wind, and the great possibility of not seeing anything, we headed up to the headwaters of the Snowy River.

First we had to allow two trucks, carrying tons of rock, to get ahead. The trucks were heading to the Snowy River where they were to deposit the rocks, which would then be taken by helicopter to the Lakes Walk (near Mount Lee). The NPWS is upgrading the Lakes Walk near Mount Lee. And yes, the helicopters were not flying today – something about helicopters don’t fly well in strong wind. 

At times throughout the walk the sun found a gap in the cloud and bathed parts of the Main Range in sunshine. It just never shone through where we were walking. 

Some of the time we were in cloud and could only see a few metres in front of us and at other times strong wind would buffet us and make us glad that we had warm clothes on. 

We passed the odd cyclist pedalling hard up the track as the strong wind buffeted them from the side, and a couple racing down the track, using the descent to take them back to the car park. We even passed a walker in summer clothes!

We also stopped to admire the wildflowers. Even though there were not many out they still provided a ray of colour in a grey cold day.

At the Snowy River we tried to find a spot out of the wind to have something to eat but it can be difficult to find shelter in open Alpine country so back we headed.

It was much the same as we walked back to the car but at least it was down hill and we just needed to watch out for fast cyclists and BIG trucks with no rocks in them.

Back at  the car our thoughts turned to warming up and of cause a hot drink.

We headed straight for the coffee hut at the Eyre T-Bar at Perisher Gap and then down to the Picnic area at the park entrance for lunch and to warm up in the sunshine. You would not have thought that it was cold and blowing a gale only 20 K up the road. 

We headed back to Cooma after a good day in the mountains.

Thanks all, for your company, and see you again on another Geehi outing.