Cooma North Ridge Reserve Walk – 17 April 2021

Cooma North Ridge Reserve Walk – 17 April 2021

Cooma North Ridge Off Track Adventure
Starting at Mulach St stile, another of the major entrances to Cooma North Ridge Reserve, we had a
look at the remains of the J Walker’s house amongst the old fence lines, irises and quince trees. It
was then up the old Borrow Pits track navigating our way around erosion and debris to reach The
Pines area at the top of the ridge.

Continuing along the ridge line we reached the Northern most boundary and then descended
steeply. This was a challenging goat track down the gully with interesting rocky outcrops along the
way. Morning tea was at the western fence along the waterline where we were joined by a 14 point
stag foraging in the creek. Other ferals we encountered along the Cooma Creek included a fox. The
stunning Autumn day had brought everyone out.

Birdlife was abundant in the various habitats we walked through. Small seed feeders on the
ridgeline, waterbirds fishing in the creek and a chorus of Currawongs along the flat.

It was wonderful to see the length and breadth of Cooma NRR with its diversity of trees, flora,
marsupials and bird life, all on our doorstep.

The next walk is on May 8 to Haycock Point and The Pinnacles.