Easter 2021 Expedition

Easter 2021 Expedition

What a magic four days! Despite the especially busy period, the Easter Expedition into the Jagungal Wilderness area could only be described as awesome. It was the first time I had carried a pack other than a day pack in many years however the 18 kilos proved to be totally (over) adequate.

Valentines Hut on day 2

It was about 36 kms according to the map, if we walked in a straight line which doesn’t sound much.  However more than half of the walking was off track and as we were to learn on the walk, crows and Humans don’t fly or walk in straight lines!

The Alpine and below scenery was as usual, outstanding and a highlight for me was nearing dusk that we could actually see the Turbines at the Boco Rock Wind Farm which proved to be over 70kms away from where we camped for our last night off the beaten track below the trig at Mount Gungartan.

We had a great team of walkers Graeme, Rob and Louise, Frank, Michiko, Niko and Kai plus John.  Special mention goes to Graeme for his outstanding navigation and Frank for his quiet efficiency as leader.

Stunning views on way to Mt Gungarten, day 3.