Gavels Hut Walk

Gavels Hut Walk

Held on Saturday 12th October 2019

5 intrepid Geehi walkers headed off at a brisk pace along the Boundary Trail at the park border on a cool overcast day.

I was testing out my new (to me) pack, you will notice in the photos that one of us appears overloaded for a day walk.

The 5.5km walk in took about 1.5hrs with a couple of breather breaks on the hills. Crossing the Goorudee Rivulet wasn’t too much of a problem as there was a narrow neck to hop over. Nearing the hut the track stayed up in the tree line with glimpses into a clear valley. We found the reason for this upon getting to the hut. There is a lot of marshy areas in the valley, a nightmare to navigate through.

After having a bite to eat and investigating the hut and surrounds we packed up and commenced walking back out. We had plenty of time up our sleeve so we investigated a possible marker tree and marvelled at some of the large eucalypts that line the track.

We made it back to Cooma by 2pm and before the rain turned up.

Thanks to everyone for making it an enjoyable day out. Photos provided by Louise and Jamie.