Illawong Lodge and Mt Twynam 21 January 2018

Illawong Lodge and Mt Twynam 21 January 2018

Geehi Club members had a recent walk to Illawong Lodge and Mt Twynam

After parking our cars at the Illawong Lodge trackhead we headed south down to Farm Creek. We crossed the creek using the bridge which was built in 1979 to replace the ‘flying-fox’ which was built in 1961 by the Illawong Ski Tourers to primarily assist members and guests to reach the lodge.

The ‘flying-fox’ is still in place, next to the bridge, and is listed on the Register of the National Trust of Australia (NSW) and on the NPWS Historic Places register.

It is a 2.5 kilometre walk along a well defined track to Illawong Lodge with views back towards Guthega Dam, south along the valley and up to Mt Anderson, Mt Anton and Mt Twynam.

Whilst Jan remained at the Lodge, to enjoy a swim in the Snowy River and the hospitality of the Illawong Ski Tourers, 6 of us headed up to Mt Twynam.

It is only a 100 metres to the suspension bridge across the Snowy River, built in 1971 by the Illawong Ski Tourers and is the third bridge across the Snowy River to be built on or near the present day bridge. One by one we crossed the bridge, being careful not to walk too fast so the bridge did not get too much of a sway up.

From the suspension bridge we followed the well worn track as it wandered up and across Alpine fields amassed with many varieties of wildflowers, some in full bloom. At 1800 metres we reached an arc of trees that stand by themselves in the Alpine fields. From there 5 Geehi’s continued up whilst I headed back down. Led by John and Claire the group followed the trail and headed towards Little Twynam and then up to Mt Twynam reaching the summit before 14:00 hours for views of the main range, south to Victoria and north towards Jagungal.

Watching from Illawong Lodge lounge area we caught glimpses of the group as they descended and reached the arc of trees. From there it did not take them long to reach the Lodge.

Even though Illawong Lodge is small it is well equipped and maintained by the Illawong Ski Tourers. It sleeps 8 and has a lounge area that gives great views to the main range and to the north up the valley.

Mt Twynam Wildflowers

Heading to Mt Twynam

Descent from Mt Twynam

Suspension Bridge over Snowy River

Nearing Mt Twynam

Guthega in Background

Nearing Illawong Lodge

If you would like more information about Illawong Lodge, visit the Illawong Ski Tourers website or Kosciuszko Huts Association



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