Jerusalem Hill and Chimneys Ridge

Jerusalem Hill and Chimneys Ridge

Jerusalem Hill / The Chimneys walk; 14- 15 January 2023

Starting from Dead Horse Gap, we had 5 members for the 2 day camp and 1 for the day walk option. The weather report of possible showers was a concern, but fingers were crossed. We set off following the Dividing Range from the top car park at Dead Horse Gap through light scrub. There is a bit of a foot pad initially, but this peters out. Flowers were magnificent and varied, although not in huge abundance. The weather actually turned out to be very kind, sunny with clouds building in the distance, but we dodged any moisture. By lunchtime we had met the Bobs Ridge fire trail, which was the return route for the day walk option. The rest of us continued along the range, making camp in the middle of the afternoon at the point where we will leave the range to head to the Chimneys the next day.

With lighter packs we continued on to Jerusalem Hill, through mostly light but some medium scrub. We were greatly assisted by the profusion of horse tracks in the area. Great views were had over the vast wilderness to the south, with the Pilot and Cobberas in good view.

Back at camp we were well placed for sunset views, as well as for sunrise the next morning. Winds picked up in the middle of the night, then a thunderstorm – but all was well.

Next day some medium scrub was encountered, crossing the saddle at the head of the Jacobs River, then on towards the Chimneys. Some of the group decided to have a long lazy lunch while others continued to the top of The Chimneys with mixed scrub and some scrambling. Magnificent views were to be had.

The return journey to Dead Horse Gap was much easier, heading to the Thredbo River, picking up the walking track, then the fire trail. A very successful walk, and a route that may get recommended in the next edition of Snowy Mountain Walks.