Landers Falls and Big Talbingo walk on 25th May 2024

Landers Falls and Big Talbingo walk on 25th May 2024

Following the postponement from the week before due to bad weather, an early 7.30 start from Cooma
North saw a small group of 4 members set off, driving almost two hours to the 4 wheel drive car park near Landers
Falls, turning off the Snowy Mountains Highway near the top of the Cumberland Range.

The weather was fine with just some high cloud.

From the car park it is a leisurely walk on a well defined track to the Landers Falls lookouts. The first
one with a view of Talbingo Dam, the second lookout just a bit further on giving a good view of the falls,
though unfortunately not much water running over them at present. The approximate 200 metre drop
would be spectacular with a good flow over them.
Returning to the car along the same track, we then had “smoko” before setting off to the top of Big
Talbingo. This was along the service road, and a steady climb for around 4.5 Kms. We had lunch with a
spectacular 360 degree view near the communication towers, then walked another few hundred metres to
the trig station on Big Talbingo, some rather steep drop-offs to the side in that short stretch!

All downhill back along the road to the car, around 3-3.5 hours return.
There is a lot of healthy regrowth following the 2019-2020 fires which could make off track walking
unpleasant but it is good to see the recovery happening. The effect that the fires had on the rock,
especially toward the Falls is still very obvious. A return trip to see the water flowing over the Falls was
discussed, possibly in the springtime.

We returned to Cooma around 5pm after a most enjoyable day!