Nunnock Swamp

Nunnock Swamp

Nunnock Swamp; where forest and history meet.

Members of the Geehi Bushwalking Club headed out to Nunnock Swamp for this month’s
walk. We enjoyed the eucalyptus of the South East Forests National Park as we drove out.

The swamp was a picture with the reeds looking to be in flower and alive with the sound of
resident frogs. The area is significant as this alpine bog feeds all of the local river systems.

This walk had great interest as we moved through the diverse range of habitiats; natural
grasslands, dry forest, grassy woodlands and tall wet forest. The group spotted lots of
birdlife including lyrebirds foraging in pairs. We were amazed at the growth of the trees in
this section of the SEFNP. The Nunnock area and its resources hold importance for
Indigenous Australians.

Visiting Alexander’s Hut helped us appreciate the different pace that life was lived at in the early 1900s.

An enjoyable day was had by all. Next month’s walks include Tin Hut and Cooma North Ridge.