Take a Walk with the Geehi Club

Take a Walk with the Geehi Club

This article was published in the Snow Post earlier this year. It’s a nice summary of the club’s history and recent walks.


Take a Walk with the Geehi Club

By John Hutton

In 1957 when the Snowy Mountains had few roads and no bitumen a group of Snowy Mountains Authority employees liked what they saw and formed a club that was to become known as the Geehi Club, later the Geehi Bushwalking Club Incorporated. Fired by a love of the vast, impenetrable mountains they had come to develop they set out to explore and mark tracks in their off duty hours. Ably supported and encouraged by the SMA leader Sir William Hudson, this group kept meticulous records of where they went and what they saw. They even drew their own maps. Soon other bushwalkers learned of this and begged for copies so that they too could experience the wonders of the mountains of snow. In 1961 the first issue of the Snowy Mountains Walks book was issued and today issue eight is being sold around Australia.

For most of the club’s early life there were walks every month with ski trips in the winter. In 1992 the club merged with the Monaro Cross Country Ski Club and dramatically increased its skiing program often to two or more trips a month in season. Walks also increased in number.

Today, 60 years have passed and you can still explore the Snowy Mountains as a member of the legendary Geehi Club.

The Geehi Bushwalking club works with Kosciuszko Huts Association and National parks to care for and maintain Mackays Hut.

The club also provided money to the Kosciuszko National Park to build the Bridge over Bullock yard creek on the Thredbo Valley trail.

The club started 2017 with a walk to Stillwell Restaurant ruins via Mt Stillwell and a mid week walk to Rainbow lake.


Stillwell Restaurant ruins by Brett Dawson.


View from Mt Stillwell by Brett Dawson.

The Geehi Bushwalking Club is an affiliated member of The Confederation of Bushwalking Clubs NSW Incorporated and as such has appropriate Public Liability and Personal Accident insurance cover for all club members. Visitors are welcome to come along on club walks, after signing a liability waiver form as stipulated by our insurers.