Tuross Falls

Tuross Falls

Tuross Falls Walk Sunday 10th September 2023

The Geehi Bushwalking Club finally got to tackle a walk to Tuross Falls, after the Wadbilliga Park was closed due to fires, a pandemic, more fires then washed out access. Five starters drove the 40 or so kilometres east from Cooma to arrive at the Tuross Falls Camping Ground by 9.00am. The plan was to do two walks of four kilometres return, with one on the south of the Tuross River, then back to the Camping area, and then do another four kilometre round trip to the lookout on the north side of the river.

The “easy” two kms out then back on the south side turned out to be a fairly tough hike of 10.2 kms round trip. The incinerated landscape had scrubbed up and many fallen burnt trees added to the challenge. The group eventually found a little used track running north to the falls which sped things up considerably. Once the falls were sighted in the rugged gorge morning tea then lunch was consumed. A few tentative exploratory forays later and some of the group managed to find a route to a point about halfway down to the falls. The leader, Peter Davis, remembered scrambling down to the base of the falls some 50 years ago. Perhaps the route had eroded, or maybe older age emphasized caution. In any case the group opted to head back to the camping area without making a full descent.

On arriving back at the vehicle at 3.00pm the second planned leg of the walk, on the north side of the river, was abandoned for another day. The soot marked walkers enjoyed a good day out and enjoyed stunning views of the falls from a relatively unused perspective.

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