Watsons Crags and Mt Twynam: 20-21 January 2024

Watsons Crags and Mt Twynam: 20-21 January 2024

Watsons Crags and Mt Twynam

Whilst this trip is often done as a long day trip, we decided to take a more leisurely pace over two days. Our journey was to be more of a wander, rather than a march. The recent weather hadn’t been very inviting, so it was pleasing to have a forecast of two days of sunshine.

We started from Guthega in lovely sunshine, following the Illawong Lodge track to the suspension bridge over the Snowy. It soon became overcast however, with the wind picking up during the day. The foot track towards Twynam was followed, reaching the headwaters of Pounds Ck for lunch and to set up camp. It is, understandingly, a popular camping area. Two other groups were camped in the area by the end of the day.

After lunch some of us went up Mt Twynam then on towards the Sentinel. At the point the steep walk down to the Sentinel was viewed it was decided to just enjoy the view of, rather than from, the Sentinel.

With just day packs, the next day we went out along the Watsons Crags spur. The wind had picked up, becoming very strong when going over the top of the range. In places great care was needed to avoid wind-induced stumbling. Strangely, further out the spur the wind eased, even though it was more exposed. An early lunch was enjoyed on a high rocky outcrop at the end of the spur in a light breeze! The views to be had along this spur rate are some of the best in the mountains.

Whilst there was a good display of flowers, we were probably a bit late for their peak. Additionally, it seemed to me to be a ‘so-so’ year, rather than spectacular. Nevertheless, a high diversity was witnessed, especially in the rockier areas. Unfortunately, it seems to be a big year for the weed Catsear (hypochaeris) in the mountains. These have a large rosette and must do a lot to block out the natives.

After lunch we returned on the same route we came up, arriving back to the car by late afternoon. A great weekend was had, and is to be recommended for this trip rather than a big day trip. The young, fit, and keen may beg to differ.