Ski and Snowshoe Day **Date Changed**

Kosciuszko NP -36.491352, 148.259696

Due to other commitments this activity has been pushed out by 1 week to Saturday 03/08/2019 At this stage the destination is not decided as it will be weather dependant. Also the capabilities of the group will be taken into account. Newcomers are welcome, but you will need well fitted,

Ski and Snow Shoe day

Smiggin Holes -36.389783, 148.431615

  ACTIVITY: Snow shoe and ski day at Smiggins Holes LEADER: Frank Bakker COORDINATOR:  TBC GRADE: Moderate  DISTANCE: 4km (or more if conditions permit). RISKS: Weather could be cold and/or wet. Or it could equally be sunny with high UV exposure. We will be exposed to wind for at least

Snow Picnic – Charlotte Pass **Postponed**

Smiggin Holes -36.389783, 148.431615

Snow Picnic - Changed to Sunday 19th June Destination: Smiggin Holes Given the forecast weather conditions on the 5th of June a decision has been made to postpone the Ski Picnic to Sunday 19th June. The road to Charlottes Pass has already been closed so, conditions permitting we will head

Cross Country Ski Day – Cabramurra

Cabramurra -35.93284645563496, 148.3906889953473

This is our chance to dust off and get out on our skis (or snow shoes if you prefer). We will explore the ski trails around Dry Dam at Cabramurra, which has so far received excellent snow cover. In good weather this offers excellent skiing on open rolling terrain with